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Enjoy a hands-on driving experience and unleash your inner competitor with sim racing!  


All you have to do is say maybe to join a growing community of race fans, physics nerds, competitors, and real life race car drivers!

The Racing Problem.......


Even with the most affordable forms of racing you're looking at thousands of dollars!


Racing is inherently dangerous, not to mention race car insurance isn't a thing.  Every time on track there is a huge financial risk!

Never considered it!

Most people have never considered the fact that this is something they could even learn or do!

At Glacier Racing Simulators we'll introduce you to racing in a way you never thought was possible!  

Our customers have found a great place to compete, escape, and race!



Realistic Racing

Dive into racing and compete head to head against your buddies, spouse, or see where you stand against some of the best drivers in the valley!


You're in the drivers seat

Become one with the car and enjoy an immersive driving experience unlike any other.  


Custom Driving Experience

We ensure that everyone can start racing in an approachable way.  Whether you've been racing since you were a kid, or your brand new, we can tailor the racing to you.  

We understand, it's tough to find activities you can do with friends and family.  Especially if you're competitive!  


Tim has an awesome setup going with some great gear. Did a great job explaining everything to us as new racers. Good selection of beginner cars, and saved the best for last, which was the insane car of the month. We will defiantly be going again to race some more!


Fantastic driving setups for all skill levels. Great variety of tracks and vehicles. Race AI or friends and family.


Great simulations and amazing people who run it! I was here a ciuple months back and it was still a great time. Can't wait to come back again!

At Glacier Racing Simulators we'll introduce you to racing in a way you never thought was possible.

So, how does the free trial work?

Your seat is waiting!  

Register for a Frequent Driver Package - First month free, your card will be charged ONLY IF you decide to continue driving with us!

Choose a car and track combo and set your first bronze time to win a free t-shirt or mug.  New drivers typically set a bronze time on their second or third drive.  

Learn and get faster through our how to guides, live coaching, leagues, and logging race time!

At Glacier Racing Simulators we know that you've likely never had the chance to be the driver of a race car.  

To be the driver you'd need access to a race car, which most of us don't have.  

The problem is that a race car is expensive, and time consuming.  Our clients who race cars in real life seem to always be building or fixing their cars. 


Not to mention it's intimidating, it sometimes seems like if you didn't grow up in racing it's really hard to break in.  

We believe a great solution to this problem is sim racing!  We understand that finding a competitive outlet and community can be hard.  This is why we started our business, so people can get access to racing, and find that competitive outlet and community.  

Racing head to head against someone on track live is unlike anything else you'll ever experience.


Here's how we do it: 


First book your free 5 minute test drive to see if it's a new challenge you'd like to attack.  

Second, get some seat time and free practice by signing up for your 4 week trial.  

Third, lock in your first Bronze lap, win a t-shirt or mug and decide if you'd like to continue learning the art of racing!  

So call or text Tim at (406) 261 6696 to book a time now.  And in the meantime, check out some track guides to get a taste of what sim racing is all about and set yourself up for success on your first drive. 


You can stop wondering what racing might be like and instead get behind the wheel for yourself!  

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