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Start sim racing without spending thousands!

If you’ve ever been a fan of Forza, Need for Speed, or Gran Turismo this is for you!  Seriously, once you get into sim racing you’ll be hooked on working your lap times down a hundredth of a second at a time.  First you’ll get a wheel set up, then all of the sudden a race car seat will arrive in the mail ready to mount to a frame.  If you’re still reading, don’t say I didn’t warn you! 

Now, if you've never tried a serious racing simulator and you'd like to, hit the link below and book a zero cost 5 minute test drive. It is 100% free and will give you a feel for just how immersive, and realistic high end racing simulators are.

That being said, who doesn’t want to race in the comfort of their own home?  All you need is a wheel and pedal set up.  That’s it, ditch the hand controller.  There’s a reason people don’t drive with thumb sticks.

We're finding a lot of our fastest clients drive at home on setups like this. Skill > Expensive Setups

You don't need to break the bank. You can actually find some decent starter wheel and pedal sets on the internet, sometimes even under $200 like that shown above. Consider it an investment in future podium finishes.  Most of these sets can be paired with an Xbox or even a PlayStation.

Remember playing 007 GoldenEye on the Nintendo 64, where one thumb stick controlled both movement and aiming? Then came the revolution of two separate thumb sticks! Talk about a game-changer.

Switching to a racing wheel is like that times 10. You unlock a whole new level of precision and control, allowing you to master the track like a pro.  You don’t need a fancy cockpit with a bucket seat and flashing lightsMany racing legends started their careers with simple setups, such as a wheel bolted to a desk and a set of pedals on the floor. You can't buy speed as the saying goes.

A steering wheel gives you precise control of your vehicle.

However, one crucial piece of advice: mount your wheel properly, no matter what wheel you get. A wobbling wheel on your desk is no better than using thumb sticks.  

Now if you're curious about more serious sim racing rigs the best way to learn more is to test one out. Hit the link below to schedule your 5 minute test drive and see what you think!

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