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Competitive? How I found out sim racing was perfect for me!

Not so long ago I wasn't into racing or cars, but I've always loved competition and quickly found that sim racing was a perfect way for me to scratch that competitive itch.

Three years ago I sat in Bias Brewing with an old high school soccer buddy.  We dug through his Facebook contacts to get just enough people for a co-rec soccer team.  

I was pumped, I dearly missed the competition of high school sports.  I remember loading up my 2 year old and hauling him to the empty Kidsport Complex so I could run sprints and get in some kind of soccer playing shape.   

I ended up jacking up my knee and I wasn’t able to finish the season, the problem was I still wanted that outlet for competition.  

Eventually I was introduced to sim racing and couldn't believe how the wheel connects you to the car in a very physical sense.  It does require some muscle strength but not in a “man I gotta go to the gym more” way.  

The challenge of racing on track and laying down faster and faster lap times turned what was originally going to be a 30 minute test drive into an hour and half saying to myself, “ I know I can get a little faster!”

It gets infinitely better when you get on track and can race head to head with someone of a similar skill level.  Trying to push the car, stay in control, and keep from wrecking someone else is an exhilarating challenge.

So if this is you, and you’d love to find a new outlet for competition regardless if you’re into motor-sport sim racing might be perfect for you.  Hit the link below to schedule a free 5 minute test drive to see what you think.  If you’d like to see where you stand right now, join us Sunday morning between 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM to try the Sunday Leader Board Special and see where you stand.  This is a great way to get 20 minutes of racing for just $8.50.

See you on track soon! 

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