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Ever wanted to learn how to race a car?

Meet Sim Racing! 

Join the FREE 28-day driver transformation challenge

Drivers Are Having a Blast on the Simulators

See for yourself.....

Fantastic driving setups for all skill levels.  Great variety of tracks and vehicles.  Drive against AI or friends and family. - Max

Tim has an awesome setup going with some great gear. Did a great job explaining everything to us as new racers. Good selection of beginner cars, and saved the best for last, which was the insane car of the month. We will definitely be going again to race some more! - Sebastian

What you'll be getting! 

  • 240 Minutes of racing  - ($240 Value)
  • Thirty minutes in the Ferrari F1 or the Shelby Cobra with a guest - ($60 Value)
  • Free coaching from an experienced sim racer and teacher - We are here to help you develop your racing skills, however we can!
Plus - See how your skills stack up compared to other drivers after you've completed the challenge!​
Total Value $300 FREE 

Why Sim Racing?

      The amount of professional drivers using racing simulators as training tools has exploded.   But learning to race on real cars and real tracks is still not an option for most of us!
      That’s why we want you to get a FREE 4-hour trial to sim racing so that you can learn real racing skills without spending thousands of dollars. 

Is it really free?

      It is!  However, to join the challenge you will have to put a deposit of $92 downThis will be returned to you as store credit to get even more racing after you've accomplished your driving goal.  Scroll down to find our guarantee!

What's the catch?

     You may be wondering why we would give you a free trial.  The reason is because once you start hitting perfect corners on track, you are going to want to keep racing.  That means we grow our sim racing community in Kalispell with more competition for leagues, and hotlap challenges.    
     We try to keep about 8 drivers in the challenge at all times but they tend to fill up quickly.

Our Money Back Guarantee

      Smiles on faces and realistic races is what we offer.  If for some reason you don’t love the experience we will give a full refund, no questions asked.  What have you got to lose?  
      So, click join the challenge below to get one of the available seats available and get 4 hours of racing - free!
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