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Race for Coats for Kids with your first booking at Glacier Racing Simulators!


A driving experience that will have you smiling for a great cause


             Here's how it works
1. Book any amount of time before November 12th and we give 50% to coats for kids

2. Drive 5 Minutes Free
3. If you enjoy your free five minutes keep driving and help us reach our goal to raise $1,500 towards keeping kids warm!

You may be wondering......

Are these arcades?  
Not at all.  Racing simulators simulate what the car is doing beneath you with as much realism as possible through the motorized direct drive wheel.  The physics of racing, all the way down to details such as tire temperature and wear is taken into account.    
What type of cars do you have?
We have close to 200 cars you can choose from including everything from street cars to Formula one. Circle track is also an option but it requires a different software.  If you’re interested in this, just let us know!
What if I can't shift?
We can adjust the settings on all the cars to be automatic, and to make them easier to drive.  It is important to note, that even on the easiest settings driving on the simulators is still a challenge.  That along with the torque of the wheel is why we have an age limit of 14.


For Drivers Like You!  

Get a taste of live racing. You’ll be laughing with your friends and family as you feel the car  come alive around you and race them on track!  (Must be 14 or older!)

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